ESG strategy

Benefits beyond compliance.


ESG strategy

In 2005 Alex Hetherington coined the phrase" Benefits Beyond Compliance".  ESG is now so much more than reporting– it has developed into business-critical performance providing companies with licence to operate in increasingly complex circumstances. What are the sustainability challenges of the future going to look like? What environmental constraints will your operations face? What social expectations will be demanded? Will your governance structures stand the test of scrutiny? How will these issues affect your financial performance?

These are just some of the issues requiring consideration when developing ESG strategies that have useful business impact.

Alex continues to assist companies understand stakeholder expectations; materiality and double-materiality; measurement and monitoring of performance, future legislation and how to capture ESG leadership positions.

Since 2005, he has been advising such companies as Nedbank, Sanlam, Santam and Kansai Plascon in the development and implementation of strategically-focused ESG strategies.

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